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Tech Socials.

chill vibe + free beer + brilliant people = fireworks

Better in person

Your personality type = just inconsequential!

Introvert, extrovert, anythingtrovert? Don’t worry, our Tech Socials will make you feel right at home. Everyone’s friendly and welcoming. The vibe is chill and informal. We are just folks who want to commiserate around tech. And such is the basis for the development of our communities.


Ridiculously fun

Yes, we want you to mix work and play into a snowball.

Tech Socials have multi-fold purpose – connecting people, talking, socializing. You make friends, become colleagues, co-founders, or even get hired. Combine the trifecta of work-play-hanging on Mon, Tues, or Weds evening – you get a neat package! Then add drinks, on the house.


Meet in real life

We actually meet and engage in R-E-A-L life. Regularly.

You can’t beat a firm handshake. Tired of having someone’s avatar passionlessly stare back at you? Get out of your basement. Online is great, but as a complement to meeting in real life. We’re not ordering pizza or widgets here – we’re ordering people! (just kidding). In person = awesome.


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Who we are

Who we are

We’re just a bunch of chill, down-to-earth nerds. We believe that strong, supportive tech communities should exist everywhere, not just in hotspots like San Francisco and New York — so we’re doing something about it. Our Tech Socials are relaxed and introvert-friendly. You should come; it’ll be fun! We Promise.






This should list all the events HackerNest hosts. Find the one right for you (there definitely is one!). You can also go to each group’s local page for more granular information. If it still is buggy, blame the  internets. THE INTERNETS. Failing that, hit the local meetup group your splinter cell uses.

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HackerNest is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing smart people together by running unpretentious Tech Socials. Nerdcore.



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