An international nonprofit building in-real-life community.

Rescuing nerds from isolated basements, offices, and code tunnel vision. Everywhere. Clicky for more! ** NOTE: Still brazenly tweaking the site, in production.**

Poverty alleviation

Engineering structural change through technology, community, and access to education.


Tech Education

For those who don’t fit perfectly into existing educational ecosystems, is the marketplace for folks to find in-person tech classes taught by local, vetted instructors. Peer-to-peer workforce empowerment! It’s live and in beta testing right now.



It’s fun getting brand new tech into the hands of passionate hackers. Unlike most other hackathons, HackerNest Construct has ZERO focus on business plan, commercial viability, or monetization potential. Projects are judged based on creativity and the innovative use of technology.


Tech Communities

#InRealLife :). Introverts and extroverts feel right at home at our Tech Socials. Everyone’s friendly, chill, and down-to-earth (strict no-douchebag policy). You won’t feel like you have to impress anyone (whew!), so you’ll actually have real conversations and make new friends.

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Who we are

Who we are

We’re just a bunch of chill, down-to-earth nerds. We believe that strong, supportive tech communities should exist everywhere, not just in hotspots like San Francisco and New York — so we’re doing something about it. Our Tech Socials are relaxed and introvert-friendly. You should come; it’ll be fun! We Promise.

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HackerNest is powered by volunteers. Do you also believe in poverty alleviation through community and tech education? Your support is imperative to our cause.



Our current base is the Digital Media Zone at Ryerson University.

Digital Media Zone


This should list all the events HackerNest hosts. Find the one right for you (there definitely is one!). You can also go to each group’s local page for more granular information. If it still is buggy, blame the  internets. THE INTERNETS. Failing that, hit the local meetup group your splinter cell uses.

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HackerNest is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing smart people together by running unpretentious Tech Socials and hackathons. Nerdcore.



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