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Working on streamlining. In the meantime, we have this lovely page. Learn about joining our team, volunteering at our Tech Socials, and being an Organizer. You’ll meet and work with the folks that keep us running, get backstage access to stuff & our growing international team, and everyone will know you who are at Tech Socials!


Current Functional Needs…

Have a few hours a week to volunteer your skills? Have experience and fit any of the descriptions below? If you do, get in touch!



As our in-house designer, you’ll help us finesse audience-facing parts of HackerNest which will include creating artwork for events (Tech Socials, hackathons, et. al), working with us on website design elements, and helping with making some of our photography smashing.


WordPress Guru

An ace at ‘press and CSS? Help with website maintenance and upgrades. We’ll get down to stuff like ensuring full site functionality, tweaking and updating site software, plugins, etc., testing and optimizing pages and posts, as well as helping clear open bugs and fixes.


Social Media-ist 

Work under the keen eye of Brentertainer, our Social Media ninj-uh. Build on our social media strategy, head off research, and execute on our conversations (new city outreach, pre/post-event dialog, etc.) across Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn.


Marketing & PR

Believe it or not, we still have z-e-r-o marketing. So, this’ll be more of a PR thing. Work on building our infrastructure – fine-tuning our media kit and the news/updates section, writing press releases, building our relationship with relevant media contacts – excellent for someone with a flair for words and is exacting in their prose.



HackerNest is growing in every single way possible. Ergo, our need for exceptionally talented folk with massive organizational skills and out-of-this-world initiative is at an all time high. Key things to note if you’re considering working with us:

HackerNest is in addition to what you’re already doing. Our team members mostly have a job or two, multiple projects on the go, and are very driven; their involvement with a community organization like ours is because of their passion for community building.

Resourcefulness, versatility, and deadline-oriented. We strive for finesse with a strong emphasis on time-to-market in all that we do. With that in mind, self-motivated multi-taskers who can switch gears pretty damned fast tend to work well with us.

3 to 5 hours a week. Our roles typically require a commitment of 3 to 5 hours a week, typically remotely with periodic conference calls and collaborative working sessions.

Team up! Where possible, we prefer a team-based approach. We tend to work well with others – you should be able to too. Inter-team love, totally rad.

Tech savvy. Must not be afraid of Google Drive, Dropbox, Skype, Basecamp, or any other collaboration tools that the instawebs have blessed us with.






Volunteers help things go smooth. In general, you spend 50% of your time helping at assigned stations and monitoring the room for empties, garbage, etc. The remainder of the time, you’re a regular attendee – that means have drinks, mingle, and relax! You’ll recognize Volunteers and Organizers at our Tech Socials – they’ll have HackerNest-branded lanyards and nametags. Check our FAQ.

Onsite Volunteers contribute their time on the event day to help with setting up, keeping things running during the event, and cleaning up afterwards.

Our General Volunteers help with Tech Social planning, specific functions, deliverables or otherwise and are able to contribute more time and resources outside of the event day. Helping with planning is an awesome and fun way for folks to gauge their interest in building communities in the fashion that we do, and are definitely our first choices when we seek potential Organizers.


Becoming an Organizer


You’ve hit up a couple of Tech Socials, met some chill Organizers, perhaps even have been volunteering on the event days. Or you heard about us through the grapevine. Then you read up on what joining us entails, how it benefits you, how it helps us. Your character and skill stack – equally compelling. Either way, you think its something you could take on. Awesome. Here’s two situations you’re typically in:


You are in a city with NO HackerNest events yet, so you’ll email us to apply when you’re ready. Its simple, just tell us why you’d make a good Organizer, why you’d want to run HackerNest events, and how we’d be helping you. If we have a strong reciprocal vibe, and we think our relationship will be fabulous, then lets make community magic happen.
There’s HackerNest already running in your city. Want to join that team? Chat with them to feel it out. Typically, potential city organizers volunteer their planning and execution skills for an event or two to get a solid feel of what is involved. If you’re still interested after that, apply to be an Organizer.


If there’s a fit, we want you forever (or a very long time!). City Organizers typically agree to help run a city for a year or so (about 4 or 6 events a calendar year). After that, if event planning is your thing – then rock on and keep powering your city. If not, helping us with international growth could be something to consider.

For something more  functionally aligned, your city-experience will give you the experience and knowledge to affect significant change, be it sponsorship outreach, global operations, brand and marketing, website administration, audience development, or some not-so-top-secret project we’re working on.

Alright, enough for now…submit your application below. :)


HackerNest is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing smart people together by running unpretentious Tech Socials. Nerdcore.



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