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Becoming an Organizer


HackerNest is growing in every single way possible. Our need for exceptionally talented City Organizers with out-of-this-world initiative is at an all-time high.

Whether you’ve attended Tech Socials in your city for months, or you’re interested in launching a splinter cell in your city, here are the key things to note if you’re considering becoming a volunteer City Organizer for HackerNest:

HackerNest community events take a little time to plan.


Our city team members typically have a job, are students, or have multiple projects on the go. This means they’re very driven and make time in their schedules to plan awesome events in their communities. For City Organizers, we generally require a commitment of 2-5 hours per month in addition to event-day. This will mostly include email and phone availability (with HackerNest HQ and contacts in your city), scheduling, and the occasional venue visit.

(If your schedule doesn’t allow for this, don’t fret! Volunteering on Tech Social day only takes a few hours. Read on below!)

Team up!


Where possible, we prefer a team-based approach. We tend to work well with others – you should be able to, too. Plus, division of duties helps event planning tick along nicely. Have a friend or colleague you work well with? We’d love an introduction!

Tech savvy.


Must not be afraid of Google Drive, Dropbox, Skype, Meetup, and you’ve gotta be willing and ready to learn and navigate our project management platform.




Volunteers help Tech Socials run smoothly, contributing time before, during, and after the event to help with setup and tear down, and to keep things chugging along throughout the night.

In general, you spend 50% of your time helping at assigned stations (for instance, the registration table or the bar) and monitoring the room for empties, garbage, etc. The remainder of the time, you’re a regular attendee – that means you can have drinks, make new friends, and relax! You’ll recognize Volunteers and Organizers a tour Tech Socials – they’ll have HackerNest-branded lanyards and nametags.

Let’s get you started: Sign up here!


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