Sponsors rock.

Endorse our community movement, connect to a quality peer-group of like-minded technologists. We believe in developing deep, long-term sponsor relationships. Our sponsors are continually engaged with our highly technical audience in a personal, not-so-formal way. Typically, our sponsors:


want to connect with potential recruits

We complement traditional recruiting. Like a team-based hiring exercise, sponsor teams come out, engage with our audience and really get to know potential hires before they even step in the office for an interview.

evangelize their products and services

No sales pitch, no long, boring presentations, and no one falling asleep in the back of the room. Build on natural curiosity and the informal and tactful approach of informal conversation. Evangelizing hasn’t ever been this easy.

build community goodwill, and, nurture more brand recognition

By throwing weight behind our localized, well-respected communities, demonstrate excellence in socially responsible citizenship that complements corporate, recruitment, and brand development goals.



What to sponsor

Unpretentious Tech Socials keep you top of mind regularly in the community. Epic, meaningful, universally acclaimed cause-hackathons showcase your commitment to a cause with much of the eyeballs leading up to and over the hackathon weekend. Our HackerNest Unite portal platform is the engine behind showcasing the great things about any ecosystem. Read up on what we offer. All keep the continued theme of improving humanity, technological advancement, and overall economic prosperity.





We are nurturing cohesive communities today to empower them for success tomorrow. HackerNest started in Toronto in 2011 with a few nerds talking over drinks. Our gatherings gained notoriety – entirely by word of mouth – for attracting friendly, interesting, ridiculously smart technologists. Tech Socials grew quickly and became Canada’s largest tech meetups by a wide margin with a simple formula:

laid back atmosphere + free drinks + brilliant people = fireworks

Hackathons build on the cohesiveness and prowess of community, bringing it all to a point at the finals. The Unite platform will be a natural extension to these communities. Sponsorship funds our efforts ongoing efforts and strategic expansion. Email [email protected]  to chat.


Some Sponsors:

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Around the World

HackerNest’s international growth has been largely organic. We’ve had significant momentum and milestones:

  • world’s first hackathon dedicated to helping people with dementia and their caregivers
  • 247+ events hosted in 23 cities, 13 countries, 4 continents
  • ~50 to 450+ attendees per event, depending on city and newness
  • 2012, largest hackathon in Canada
  • 2013, most number of  ‘women in technology’ themed events in a single night
  • 2014, largest hardware hackathon in Canada


Who Attends

web/mobile developers · coders · programmers · UX/UI designers · engineers of all kinds · hardware hackers · database gurus · network administrators · statisticians · scientists · innovators · social media mavens · tech enthusiasts · media · investors · marketers · industry experts


Who has covered us:

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