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Unconventional and unapologetically blunt, we ignore structure (if illogical) and the status quo (if silly). We protect nerdcore. We are:

Platform agnostic. Grassroots. Laid-back and unpretentious. Collaborative. ACTUALLY building community, not networking.


We’re most commonly referred to as “HackerNest”.

Our cities are ‘splinter cells’ (chapters) that people refer to as “HackerNest [city name]” (i.e., HackerNest Vancouver, HackerNest Seattle, etc.). In somber, monotonous defiance of the etymology police, “HackerNest” is spelled with a capital ‘H’ and ‘N’.

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One Sentence(ish) Summary

HackerNest is a nonprofit organization and movement that builds local tech communities around the world. We believe they are the cornerstones of economic development: we want more people to get into tech so they can afford to live healthier and happier. Our down-to-earth Tech Socials and epic, socially beneficial hackathons encourage camaraderie, collaboration, innovation, mentorship, knowledge-sharing, and so much more. We are also developing HackerNest Unite, a unified directory platform and community portal that’ll help people navigate an ecosystem’s vast resources.

+ Background

HackerNest started in Toronto in 2011 with a few nerds talking over drinks. Our gatherings gained notoriety – entirely by word of mouth – for attracting friendly, interesting, ridiculously smart technologists. Tech Socials grew quickly and became Canada’s largest tech meetups by a wide margin with a simple formula:

laid back atmosphere + free drinks + brilliant people = fireworks


To date, HackerNest splinter cells have run 250+ events in over 23 cities, 12 countries, 5 continents. Our Tech Socials help build real-life, in-person communities around the world. They’re run by volunteer city organizers who team up to plan and produce each event on a regular basis. We produce large, universally-lauded cause hackathons that have significant social impact. HackerNest Unite also launches soon. Check them all out:









US Justice System hackathon with the National Center for State Courts, March
DementiaHack in New York City, Spring
+ other socially beneficial hackathons being planned
HackerNest Unite Toronto public beta (
community-centric Tech Socials spread to more international cities

DementiaHack Toronto – larger and more all-encompassing – headlined by Facebook and the UK & Canadian governments
selected for the Ashoka / American Express Emerging Innovator program
Deloitte Canada’s first-ever ‘Disruption by Design’ hackathon
1.5.15 – “HackerNest Unite” live open alpha; selected as finalist in Canadian Global Impact Competition
HackerNest events run in 23 cities, 13 countries, 5 continents

first-ever job fair: 1,300+ registrants, 36 exhibitors
DementiaHack – the world’s first-ever hackathon to help people with dementia and their caregivers – with the UK government in Toronto and London
recognized by Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly for contributions to the tech community in the City of Toronto
Ryerson University’s Fashion hackathon
appointed to City of Toronto’s Advisory Council on Innovation and Technology
HackerNest Construct, Canada’s largest hardware hackathon

first splinter cell outside of Toronto emerges
International 8-city ‘Women in Tech’ themed Tech Social
Canada’s largest hackathon
12.12.12 – formal incorporation as Canadian Not-For-Profit Corporation
First-ever Tech Social
11.1.11 – HackerNest founded in Toronto, Canada









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