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Why should I start a HackerNest?
How do we support our organizers?
What does it take to be an organizer?
Why spread?
Can I run a HackerNest Tech Social?
What does being a city organizer involve?
Do I have to pay to be an organizer?
What’s next?


Become an Organizer.



We’re putting together a HackerNest instruction manual and bundling up the flavor and success of our original Toronto events to help others start HN “splinter cells” in their own communities.

Why should I start a HackerNest?

To foster innovation. To do something good for your city. To strengthen the local tech scene. To build community and camaraderie. To spark brilliant conversations. To support each other. To get people out of the house, the office, the basement – out of isolation. To connect with others who are also working hard at making something better. To link people with jobs and cofounders. To learn about all the neat stuff happening around you. To hang out and make friends with other smart people that understand you. To belong. We aspire to have one “splinter cell” per city.

There are a few perks to being an organizer (though hopefully, these aren’t the only reasons you’d get involved):

  • You’ll get a smug sense of self-satisfaction knowing that you’re doing something genuinely meaningful and empirically good for people
  • By championing a more cohesive grassroots tech community and connectivity with your city’s greater innovation ecosystem, you’ll end up becoming very, very central in the community
  • Operating under the banner of the established, legit, no-bullshit HackerNest movement can lift your credibility and enable conversations with people/companies that many would kill to get access to
  • You’ll be connected to something grand; what will be the HN support network across cities
  • You’ll meet a plethora of really smart, really competent people
  • And oh-so-much-more!

How do we support our organizers?


  • help guide you with the best practices and experiences we’ve picked up from running popular, successful events
  • connect you with a solid, growing peer-group of organizers to talk, spark ideas, and draw wisdom from
  • help pull together partnerships and relationships
  • lend our clout to help pitch for endorsement, funding, and support for your events

What does it take to be an Organizer?

Competence. Ferocity. Stick-to-itiveness. Good intentions. Reliability. Anti-flakitude. Drive. A passion for bringing people together, good organization skills, and being pretty damn resilient are essential.

Why spread?

We think events like ours are good for society. People seem to agree, since they keep coming back. We want that everywhere, so we’re sharing what we know so others can replicate our success. Imagine traveling half way across the world and hitting up a familiar HackerNest Tech Social and making new friends. How cool?!

Can I run a HackerNest Tech Social?

Absolutely. They’re simple to set up, fun to run, and you’ll make a million friends. You’ve come out, loitered in the forums, connected with other HackerNesters – you get the vibe and know what we’re all about — great! Find a partner in crime and get in touch. We’ll do a call to manage expectations and make sure everyone understands the flavor/intent/vibe/message/spirit we’re pushing and go from there.

What does being a City Organizer involve?


Once you’re properly set up with us, being a HackerNest City Organizer will require a few hours of commitment every week. Organizers typically get up to this:

  • building, coordinating, and working with their city’s organizing team (and us)
  • sparking new relationships in your community, strengthening current ones
  • planning, organizing, and running regular Tech Socials (likely every 2-3 months to start)
  • choosing dates/venues, promoting the event, connecting with local sponsors, handling the budget, coordinating volunteers, managing the actual event
  • facilitating community dialogue and interaction around events and in their city’s forum

Do I have to pay to be an organizer?


What next?

Interested? We hope so. Send us an email and we’ll talk. Please include important tidbits like:

  • a bit about yourself: where you are, who you are, what you currently do, etc.
  • why you (and your team?) are a good fit
  • a little background on the tech scene in your city
  • how much time you’d be able to dedicate
  • anything you might want us to know beforehand
  • any questions/concerns you have
  • whether you have people in mind for co-organizers and if they’re applying jointly with you




Have questions we haven’t answered? Please ask us.

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