FAQ for Attendees

Attendee Expectations
Prepare for a Tech Social!
What Not to do!


Attendee expectations

For the most part, communities are really good at self-correcting and keeping things in check. That said, here’s what you should expect from Tech Socials:

  • FREE ENTRY (folks are welcome to donate if they’d like, most usually toss ~$10)
  • without exception, everyone wears name tags – this is a huge conversation enabler (introvert-friendly!)
  • FREE DRINKS: typically, cold beer and water are available
  • …occasionally wine, snacks, cupcakes, and anything else that breeds variety :)
  • a brief welcome note from the organizer(s), short intros from sponsors, quick (42 second) announcements
  • occasionally, a short 10-15 minute talk by a cool speaker followed by open Q&A
  • no greasy sales pitches or attempts at audience exploitation (note: our sponsor[s] may be there to recruit — this is kosher because they’re legitimately supporting the event and being upfront about it — i.e. not slimy or sneaky)
  • a safe, welcoming, and respectful atmosphere free from discrimination and harassment of any kind
  • no alcohol should ever leave the premises during/after Tech Socials


Prepare for a Tech Social

There’s really not much to do beforehand. Since this page is all about bullets, here are some:

  • Make sure you get lots of sleep, some of these go late!
  • Bring contact cards to make it easier to connect with nice people you find compelling.
  • Have your phone(s), tablets, etc. charged so you don’t run out of juice.
  • Dress for the space and weather – layers rule, a brolly if it might rain, galoshes if it floods, and remember, air conditioning only works to a point! Oh, and don’t wear a tie. Really. Ties are useless. If you wear a tie, ask yourself what functional utility you derive from it. Go on.


What NOT to do

Here are some random, crappy things we’ve compiled based on running tons of events, the continuous feedback we get, and watching communities evolve. Don’t pull this bullshit:

  • Shoving business cards/flyers/marketing materials at people: that’s called human spam… noooooo.
  • Posting recruiting ads in the meetup comments (or anywhere) without being a sponsor or politely asking permission. Nobody respects that kind of jackass/scavenger behavior.
  • Getting stupid drunk. (Please tell an organizer if you see someone being an obnoxious moron, we’ll deal/boot.)
  • Doing unsolicited hard-selling. Actually, any selling in general. Seriously. HN events are absolutely the wrong environment for that.
  • “Networking”. HackerNest does NOT run networking events. Networking, by definition, is the filthy practice of looking for people to impress just so you can make use of them later. If that’s what you’re into, please sod off. There are tons of other events for you to go ruin. HN is about actually making friends with smart people and learning about interesting stuff. Not networking. Networking bad.


Have interesting questions? Go ahead, shoot.

HackerNest is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing smart people together by running unpretentious Tech Socials and hackathons. Nerdcore.