HackerNest Construct 2014: Rules

HackerNest CONSTRUCT prizes fundamental quality over superficialness. We want you to spark innovation, make new friends, and blow the box apart, not cheat the system. Here’s a host of simple rules to follow. The overarching mantra – play fair, be respectful, and have fun.


Teams of 1 to 5 hackers can participate. Due to the nature of how this hackathon is judged, we strongly suggest that all team members be able to contribute to the technical development of your project.


Like underwear, your code and hacks should be fresh. Cheating’s no fun. Use any API, library, etc – but please compose new code on-site.


Only functional apps and hacks will demo. Unlike business plan competitions, a PowerPoint slideshow won’t cut it for our judges. A demo needs to be… an actual demo.


Code reviews will most likely happen. Check your code in regularly. Winning candidates will likely undergo some under-the-hood peeking.


Hygiene is paramount. Please use contemporary, new age cleaning/masking techniques to counter whatever you need to counter.


This is a competition, but it’s a nice competition that doesn’t tolerate people acting like jerks. This is the most basic of all human interaction that we will uphold without prejudice and we will hold ourselves to the moral pillars that lets your unfettered creativity blossom.


So simple it hurts. Happy hacking, everyone.

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