Hack a what?

Its a programming marathon. In this case, a 24 continuous hour one where teams get together and build something new!


Who comes.

Open to anyone, but you most likely should be able to code, otherwise you might be caught dead in the water.


How to prepare.

Here’s some tips on getting your tech ready for the hackathon weekend.

  1. Register for Github, BitBucket, Google Code, DropBox, etc.
  2. Get familiar with APIs
  3. Install everything you need on everyone’s machine(s):
    • IDEs (Visual Studio Pro, Coda 2, Sublime2, etc.)
    • Local environment server technologies (LAMP, XAMP, etc.)
    • Common code libraries (JQuery/mobile, Bootstrap, CodeIgniter, etc.)
    • Windows 8 Dev Tools, Eclipse, XCode, etc.

What to bring.

A laptop, or desktop, or both. And chargers, extension cords, a toothbrush and definitely deodorant. A starting list:

  • power bar (ZOMG 800+ DEVICES), power and connector cords and dongles (VGA, HDMI) for everything
  • Febreeze (fo’ serious!)
  • paper, pens, post-it notes, etc. for wireframing
  • energy drinks and snacks (in case you don’t like ours)
  • caffeine pills, nicorette
  • earplugs, headphones
  • pink bunny slippers


How many in a team?

Half, right up to 5 people.


I want or need a team?

We thought of that too. February’s HackerNest Tech Social on Feb 17th will also be the team matching event for CONSTRUCT. Stay tuned for details.


Can i leave?

Of course, but some won’t. They’ll stay and live on CO2 and burrittos till the very, very, end.



You’ll be fed the best in free-range everything. Dietary restrictions? Drop us an email, we’ll sort you.


Lack of sleep.

The beds we ordered will not arrive in time, so bring a sleeping bag and that baby pillow if you want to catnap at any point during the hackathon.


Demos and Judging.

Demos will be incredibly not focused on anything else except that what you made is cool, new, and completely different from what others have done. Things to keep in mind:

  • 2 minutes to pitch, 1 minute for feedback and questions. Practice!
  • You are presenting demos on your own device(s). A projector and webcam will be available.
  • Use local environments where able – speed matters, and don’t rely solely on wifi. Be cautious of making your app rely completely on any one service because if it goes down, so does your demo.


What tech will we use.

Code will be checked in. Use any API you want. Don’t break the law.

HackerNest is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing smart people together by running unpretentious Tech Socials. Nerdcore.



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