CONSTRUCT: hackathon!!

HackerNest Construct is a hardware hackathon focused entirely on creativity and the innovative use of technology. No business plans. No monetization. No commercial viability. Whoa.

Just hardware.



Stay tuned.




Ever thought of just getting together with a few people and just building sh*t? Yeah, this is what it is all about – flexing creativity and know-how to its max. Enter a hardware hackathon that shuns the rule of having rules.


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This will be a non-traditional continuous day/night/day hackathon which includes science-fair-style shortlist judging.





Amanda Wilson Public Health Agency of Canada
In case anyone wondered, *this* is what a #hackathon looks like. #DementiaHack #awesome #inspiring.
Kevin McGurgan British Consul General
And they’re off! #DementiaHack 2015 is now on. Build for the person, not the prize…
Jordan Banks Facebook
Facebook is proud to have been the presenting sponsor of DementiaHack 2015. It was an honor and a privilege for me​, as Chair, to have helped guide the event towards such a positive outcome. Anyone can run a hack event, but it is an entirely different thing to produce the world’s foremost dementia hackathon, which is why we chose to partner with HackerNest. Their experience, dedication, and enthusiasm helped ensure DementiaHack 2105 ran smoothly and it was a pleasure working with their team.
Phyllis Fehr. M.L.A., R.N., S.A.N.E. Ontario Dementia Advisory Board; DementiaHack Toronto 2015 Mentor & Finals Judge
…the air in the room felt electrified, there was a feeling of sheer excitement and everyone was pumped. I thought that on the second day, this atmosphere would have dwindled, but it didn’t. If anything, it had increased …I would like to finish by saying that this was one of the greatest events I have ever attended. I was on a personal high for days after this event. It has made me personally strive to do better in the work I do for Alzheimer’s. If ever I was asked to participate again, I would jump at the chance to do so. No matter where or when, I would go just to experience this totally awesome experience again. I would also recommend to anyone asked to participate to say yes – this is something that I feel everyone should do at least once in a lifetime. As an off-note, my granddaughter attended and she was so amazed she has since decided to change her major in university. No matter what your age or your ability, this is an event to participate in, your youth returns while you are there and for a few days following. It definitely changes the way you see things.
Audra Rusinas Alzheimer Society
It truly was a pleasure meeting all of you this year and having a chance to attend and support DementiaHack for a second year! I really want to commend all of you on delivering such an excellent event this year! I’ve only heard great feedback from everyone and so many of the teams are excited about the future of DH. We at the Alzheimer Society are excited to see some of these apps move towards the public marketplace and want to provide support however possible.
John Stackhouse Royal Bank of Canada
Awesome DementiaHack. Glad to see Royal Bank of Canada help support 330 hackers, including 40% female, creating hope.
Keyur Shah Deloitte
… provided strategic direction & tactical support throughout the program … valuable perspectives … very committed to our success. They continue to enhance the program with deep insights … helped support our drive to a changing culture within Deloitte …. confident in their abilities.
Dr. John Preece British Consulate-General Toronto
no hesitation recommending HackerNest who managed DementiaHack – an international hackathon to create new tech for the self- and community management of dementia … a great success, and we certainly could not have achieved it without their involvement.
Sunil Sharma Extreme Venture Partners
… without question, one of the highest caliber networks of accomplished and up and coming developers, designers, and entrepreneurs … Shaharris & team put together a strong and committed community … helping to build the next big idea startups.
Alan Lok YellowAPI
Your team did an amazing job keeping sponsors and participants up-to-date. Nice that I don’t need to sweat the details and be guided on what to do next….
Raff Paquin Frank & Oak
…amazing weekend … really good opportunity to connect with Toronto’s startup and tech scene … a great success and really well organized…
Charlie Thomas Participant, DementiaHack Toronto
You are the gold standard for hackathons.




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HackerNest Construct: Mind & Motion: Weekend recap here and photos on Facebook


1st place: Project ARena – Raspberry Pi, iOS, web app, RC car, camera phones, Unity:crowd-sourced, web-based, live-streamed remote control car driving controls with augmented reality overlay

2nd place: The Axioms – Raspberry Pi, ultrasonic sensors, custom built device: Stringless 3-in-1 (violin, cello, drums) musical instrument using ultrasonic sensors to let you manipulate sound using hand positioning

Klick “Full Mind and Motion Exploit” – Gloverunner: Arduino, Leap Motion, Node.js: Glove that lets you play Half-Life using only hand gestures; initial application was to help people learn sign language

Best use of YellowAPI – Headbanger: Kiwi Move, YellowAPI, Node.js, Meteor: Search for opponents based on location and have a virtual headbanging contest using real Streetview images as the ‘setting’

Klick “Most Healthy” – Gambling Bike: Arduino, laptop, bike: Load a mountain biking 1st person video and ride the trail; entertain yourself while on a stationary bike

Klick “Most Energetic” – eXistenZ: Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Android, FitBit: Shirt that shows your phone’s battery level, your heart rate, etc.

Seriously though. We all won. This was a blast. Thanks so much for everything – organizers, volunteers, sponsors, participants, press, everyone!

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