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Interested in sponsoring? Want to organize a bus to HNC from your university or college? Email us at! Student travel reimbursement information will be posted soon. HackerNest Construct is bred from the unpretentious, grassroots, down-to-earth, in-real-life local tech communities that we’ve spent years building and nurturing internationally. HackerNest ran the largest hackathon in Canada in 2012, then in 2014, produced the largest hardware hackathon in Canada.


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HackerNest Construct: Mind & Motion: Weekend recap here and photos on Facebook.

1st place: Project ARena – Raspberry Pi, iOS, web app, RC car, camera phones, Unity:crowd-sourced, web-based, live-streamed remote control car driving controls with augmented reality overlay

2nd place: The Axioms – Raspberry Pi, ultrasonic sensors, custom built device: Stringless 3-in-1 (violin, cello, drums) musical instrument using ultrasonic sensors to let you manipulate sound using hand positioning

Klick “Full Mind and Motion Exploit” – Gloverunner: Arduino, Leap Motion, Node.js: Glove that lets you play Half-Life using only hand gestures; initial application was to help people learn sign language

Best use of YellowAPI – Headbanger: Kiwi Move, YellowAPI, Node.js, Meteor: Search for opponents based on location and have a virtual headbanging contest using real Streetview images as the ‘setting’

Klick “Most Healthy” – Gambling Bike: Arduino, laptop, bike: Load a mountain biking 1st person video and ride the trail; entertain yourself while on a stationary bike

Klick “Most Energetic” – eXistenZ: Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Android, FitBit: Shirt that shows your phone’s battery level, your heart rate, etc.

Seriously though. We all won. This was a blast. Thanks so much for everything – organizers, volunteers, sponsors, participants, press, everyone!

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Klick Health: The agency of the future.


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