Building strong, cohesive, supportive local tech communities are fundamental to economic prosperity. To that end, we want to get more people get into tech so they can afford to live healthier and happier. Where to start? Easy. In your city. HackerNest builds community by introducing two elements that fuse the ecosystem – in-real-life (unpretentious, and agenda-free) events called Tech Socials, and the growing network of volunteer city organizers.

Local Events – Tech Socials


Unpretentious and agenda-free, our regular community events resonate well with technologists. Introvert or extrovert, you’ll feel right at home at our Tech Socials. Everyone’s friendly, chill, and down-to-earth (strict no-scuzzbag policy). Because you won’t feel like you have to impress anyone, you can actually have real conversations and make new friends.

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Unite Portal – Connecting the ecosystem


The stealth pilot of our portal platform is currently running in Toronto, and we’ll begin rolling it out across our communities soon. Introducing HackerNest Unite, the robust “city GPS” – a unified directory platform and community portal to navigate an ecosystem’s vast resources. A central engagement hub to structure information and resources.

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