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HackerNest’s network of volunteer city organizers are dedicated to building strong, cohesive, supportive tech ecosystems while keeping the authentic, grassroots community feel that we have gained notoriety for.

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Uniting Tech Communities

A solid initial tranche of members in the group, 2 to 3 passionate community-builder types to take on the organizing team role, and a few hours of planning per event – that’s all it takes to lead true, in-real-life community the way HackerNest does it. Apply to start HackerNest, join an existing team in your city, or to volunteer at the events.

Uniting Tech Communities


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Introverts and extroverts feel right at home at our Tech Socials. Everyone’s friendly, chill, and down-to-earth (strict no-douchebag policy). Because you won’t feel like you have to impress anyone, you’ll actually have real conversations and make new friends.

Uniting Tech Communities

Community is at the heart of HackerNest’s holistic, unpretentious approach to workforce empowerment. It is the foundation from which all great growth and development will spring.

You’ll have fun regardless of your personality type. Promise.

The unique way we run our events makes it incredibly easy for anyone – even socially awkward types – to fit in, hang out, and make friends. The atmosphere we’ve carefully cultivated ‘works’ regardless of language, culture, or country – so come hang with people that actually understand what the hell you’re talking about, tech nerd. You’ll feel at home with us.
Meet people in-person, face-to-face, and feel what it’s like to be human again.

No emoticon can replace the warmth of a firm, friendly handshake. Online is great, but up until the past decade or so, the entirety of human civilization has connected socially and built friendships through in-person interaction. Get out of your basement. Come be human.

In person = awesome.


Seriously. There’s no better way to communicate than to hang out and chat with them.
Note: HackerNest events are not about “networking”. We pejoratively define “networking” very specifically here as the condition of “looking around for people to impress so you can use them later”. Walking around handing people business cards indiscriminately doesn’t build friendships, community, or anything worthwhile. People operate on trust, not spam.

You’ll have a great time if you go in agenda-free, not trying to pitch or sell or recruit, just looking to meet new people and find out about the cool stuff happening in your city. If partnerships or jobs come as a result of socializing, great! But you can’t get to know someone if all you have in the back of your mind is a scheme to somehow extract value from them.




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