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Some teamies!

Our small team is growing. A rapidly expanding international movement does not flourish in isolation. It takes a collaborative (global) village. Join HackerNest and team up with people who are passionate about community-building as the axiom for helping others and full-heartedly believes in the empowerment of the underprivileged. We want technology to be leveraged for economic prosperity for all, and we want the world to be a better place.


Ideal candidates are driven, self-motivated, team-players who are resourceful, can multitask, consistently deliver on deadlines, and are adept at adapting (say that x3 fast!) to a fast-moving, team-based environment.

What we espouse, and you should too…



with people

We are a contact sport. Engage with others and treat them how we would want to be treated. Karma.




is key

We’ll evolve alongside constant change, but our commitment to the cause is unfaltering. Adapt and excel.


We go for best fit. We’re not fussed if you eschew individuality and use the same 5 polo shirts or if bespoke is your best kind of suit. Ivy league or public school, right or wrong side of the tracks, tall or short, self-driven or chauffeured…the package that you present with should just work. That said, our team’s rich past/present includes association with the likes of Tufts University, Microsoft, BlackBerry, Cornell, Facebook, Y-Combinator, ING Direct, DDB, the United Nations Development Program, UBS, ESRI, TEDx, Department of Defense, Army-Navy, (add more acronyms here!) etc., etc. We like fencing, Japanese Irezumi-style tattoos, powerlifting, ice hockey, rock climbing, comics, hacking x86 hardware, kung fu, daisy-chaining arduino kits, Wikipedia-ing, and all sorts of funky stuff.

In a nutshell, our diverse team is proud to contribute our time and energy into something that’s fundamentally good for the world.

Like what you see? Great.


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