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Friendly, relaxed, down-to-earth tech events. Smart people. Fun. Want to help/volunteer?  CLICK HERE! For the latest on all goings on HackerNest, hit our NEWS page. Need media-y stuff? Get more INFO.

HackerNest is an international nonprofit focused on building supportive “Silicon Valley”-type tech communities everywhere – strengthening local ecosystems through unpretentious social events and (hardware) hackathons. We’re nurturing cohesive communities today (over a dozen cities and counting!) to empower them with more relevant and accessible peer-based tech education tomorrow.

Behind the curtains


We’re regular, down-to-earth people. That said, our team’s rich past/present includes association with the likes of Microsoft, BlackBerry, Facebook, Y-Combinator, ING Direct, DDB, the UNDP, UBS, ESRI, TEDx, (add more acronyms here!) etc., etc. We like fencing, Japanese Irezumi-style tattoos, ice hockey, rock climbing, comics, hacking x86 hardware, kung fu, daisy-chaining arduino kits, Wikipedia-ing, and all sorts of funky stuff. Most of us have full time jobs (sometimes 2!) and projects going on, but we’re proud to contribute our time and energy into something that’s fundamentally good for the world.

Our current base: the Digital Media Zone at Ryerson University, in the heart of downtown Toronto.

Digital Media Zone



Shaharris X.  Likes bringing people together. Frequently breaks sites. Does the dirty work of whatever needs to get done.
JJ. Tech biz guy with an international flying-eating-hockey problem working on a boatload of things…including spelling his name.
Robin. Magic web stuff & Platform Development.  Loves Ruby, hates Batman. ‘The Sparrow’ is the tech behind the stack. QA lead at date.com with a past in biomedical engineering (GE), and finance (Insystems). Hardware hacker-turned-RoR fanatic. Classically trained in Assembly and Ruby and is open-source obsessive. Uses Slackware, haikuOS, centOS, Debian, and Ubuntu. Alma mater: Kettering College of Medical Arts.




Sheryl. International Tech Social Operations. Multi-degrees, mad practical, crazy organized – with advanced eye-tracking research insight. Like they say when you’re a Scout, ‘be prepared’.
 Amaris. Sponsorships. Been all around tech. CATS. Spells in Imperial English. Archivist in a past life, so she can find a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g.
Brent. Getting hitched while it’s warm. Online conversation maverick @ Secret Weapon Media. Builds castles in Twitterland.
Nora. Volunteer Management. Clinically efficient German methodology infused with relationship building finesse. Mega at all things online.
Tiffany. Press & Media. Named after a Charlie’s Angel, Tea 4LYF.
Danielle. Program Development. Uber-connected in the tech and nonprofit/charity space. Loves dogs, and single malt. Not actually German, but probably more German than Nora.
Leo. Finance & Accounting.  Did his CFA, for fun (and work). The pillar of consistency. All round awesome guy with mad numbers skilz.
Ashley. Press & Media.  Insanely driven executionist, lover of magnets, a scrappy techie’s techie.


Special Thanks



Each city’s HackerNest Splinter Cell is run by city organizers (you’ll find them listed here) – people who represent what HN stands for: a cohesive and supportive tech community, unpretentiousness, inclusiveness, and ultimately rescuing nerds/geeks from unhealthy isolation.




Advisory Board

Announcement coming soon.

HackerNest is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing smart people together by running unpretentious Tech Socials. Nerdcore.



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